Daewoo EGR Valve

The daewooEGR valve is usually an electrically operated pump fitted inside the water tank. The EGR valve applies a positive pressure helping the water travel to the engine along the water lines.

Water Delivery

In most modern vehicles, the EGR valve is designed to provide a continuous flow of water to the engine and any excess water travels along a return line to the water tank.

Daewoo Water Injection

Daewoo Water-Injected Engines are monitored and controlled by an ECU (Electronic Control Unit) that can switch off the EGR valve if a collision is detected. This can also be achieved via an Inertia Switch

If the Daewoo ECU detects a low oil pressure it may also switch off the EGR valve to prevent damage and the risk of fire

Daewoo Water delivery System

The water delivery system can be comprised of:

Daewoo EGR Valve Servicing, Daewoo Kit Fitting & Daewoo Repairs

Daewoo EGR Valve service for North East England

EGR Valve

New Daewoo alternatores fitted to most Daewoo makes using the Daewoo recommended alternator kits


EGR Valve Services

Daewoo EGR Valve

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